Feeding the Hawk

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Feeding the Hawk

I know a lot of people were impacted by the snow storm that traveled the Eastern coast of the United States yesterday.  Here in Western Massachusetts we wound up with almost a foot of snow.  The massive wind caused some snow drifts to be over 2 feet.   The biggest thing out there though isn’t so much the snow or the wind but the extreme cold.  We are 10 below with the windchill today and tomorrow is suppose to be a potential of 35 below with windchill.  I can remember ever seeing temps like that? It’s really extreme for where I am located.  We’ve been setting all kinds of cold records in the last week or so.

Earl bundled all up this morning and went to shovel out the quail coop.  Their outdoor run had so much snow blown into it they weren’t really able to go outside.  They actually enjoy the cold a lot more than I thought they would! They are constantly out there! When he went to open the door the hawk was actually on the mesh on the side of the coop.  That’s the coop in the picture above.

We love our hawk, she has been with me for a long time. I first started seeing her about 9 years ago now in the big tree behind my house.  I see her all the time now.   She actually started appearing with a friend all the time the year that Earl moved in.  Funny huh?

In any event I think the extreme cold is making it really hard for her to hunt and that was likely why she was hanging from the chicken wire on the side of the coop looking for the quail.  For as much as we love her, we also love our quail! lol It’s the first time she has ever been near the coop really. Earl came inside and got her a big chunk of meat and brought it back out to her.

He set it on the ground first but she wasn’t going for it.  He then put it on the top of the roof of the coop where you can see her sitting above.  She sat there for a good 10 minutes eating the meat.  A huge gust of wind came then and she almost got blown off the roof so she picked up the meat and flew off.  She looked a lot better just after eating the amount that she had.

I’m sorry for the white on the picture. I was taking pictures from inside.  It’s frost on my windows.

I can’t upload videos here for you but I tried to convert one.  I really hope this works for you.  It was such an amazing experience. She was incredibly close to us. Earl was standing less than 10 feet away outside.


It seems to be working in my editor so I hope it comes to you.  She’s incredible. :))) I’m really happy she got food today as it’s going to be insanely cold the next two days.  We are thawing a chunk of chicken for her to put out tomorrow in case she looks like she needs it.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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