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Each year I get excited in December as the books for the new year start coming in that I work with each year. Today I wanted to give you a quick look at the staples that I get each year as well as a couple of extra ones that I got this year to work with.

You can find all of them on my “Favorites” page of my website here:

I was invited to start a page on Amazon listing my favorite products. I thought it was a great idea and I decided to add it to the site. I’ll be using this page to pass along some of my favorite things to you. You don’t have to purchase with Amazon, you can get things wherever you wish. It’s just an easy way for me to pass along things that I love.

I have been purchasing the Magical Almanac every year for over 10 years now. It’s definitely the first book that I order each year. If you’ve ever wondered where I get the color and incense of the day from it’s from this amazing book.  It has an amazing calendar in it that helps me keep track of the important days going on. It’s also packed with amazing articles. I enjoy reading it each year.

For those of you who love herbs as much as I do this is another one of my staples. I started ordering this a few years ago. It’s packed with recipes, stories and tips for gardening that you will love to read. In the back is a great calendar that helps you with to optimize your planting.

If you love the Sabbats you will adore this almanac. It has so many articles and ideas for you to check out. This one is a little different as it doesn’t start in January, it starts on our Witch’s New Year, Samhain. If you like this one, you need to remember to order it early each year.

This is another almanac that I get every year. This one starts in the Spring. The Witch’s Almanac started in 1971. If you enjoy Farmer’s Almanac’s then you will love this one. It has similar information. The articles each year are done with a specific theme. The new almanac this year is themed after the Magic of Plants. I will be ordering mine soon and can’t wait to read it!

Earl’s Mom got me this book for Christmas and I love it! It has so many amazing spells to choose from and she does an amazing job picking appropriate spells for each day. I’ve enjoyed Patti’s work for awhile now and she definitely doesn’t disappoint with this book.

I get a planner every single year. I find that they are such a huge help! This is the one I chose for this year.  The link goes to an 8 x 12 one I believe but I chose the smaller one.

I hope you have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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