Witch Way Winter Reading

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You asked to bring this reading back! :)))

As we begin 2018, this reading will help give you clarity on what you want to focus on this year. Take a winter walk with me!


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Goal for January- What should be your priority and focus for the month?

January Happiness – What will bring you the most happiness this month?

Plans – What should you plan, plot, organize and pursue?

Goals for 2018 – What long term goals should you have?

Earth – What do you need to know about your body?

Air – What are you thinking about during the holiday season?

Fire – What are you passionate about right now?

Water – What are your feelings right now?

All I want – What are your deepest dreams and desires?

Self Care – What do you need to know to take care of yourself?

Secret – What is a secret or insight that would help you right now?

Spell in Motion – What should be your magickal focus right now or a magickal message to help you?


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