Full Moon Exhaustion?

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Full Moon Exhaustion?
Merry Meet :))) I had a question from a member of Moonsong Daily Magick the other day that I thought was a really good one and I wanted to pass it along to all of you. :)))  She wanted to know why everyone talked about the magickal energy of the Full Moon, but she always felt exhausted on the Full Moon and had a headache.  She hadn’t seen anyone else talking about it anywhere and wanted to know if it’s normal.

It absolutely is normal for an empath and it’s one of the reasons that you always see me with so much focus on the New Moon. :)) The Full Moon is a wonderfully magickal energy charged night and is absolutely amazing to work with.  However it is that, an energetically charged night and as a sensitive you need to be aware of how you personally respond to that energy and make sure you take care of yourself during that time. :)))

So on that day make sure you drink tons of extra water as it’s naturally grounding and get outside for a walk in nature if you can. :))) Working with the Full Moon during warm weather? Go barefoot 😉 It will help to keep you grounded while you work. :))) You want to ground and center before and after any energetic working and it is especially important on the night of the Full Moon if you are sensitive so take that extra few minutes and makes sure you are doing your psychic cleansing and defense. :))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Exhaustion?

  1. MM Jasmeine! This really struck a chord with me, only I find I’m totally zapped of energy most often the day or two after the full moon. I’ll feel sleepy most of the day and then early evening (most often before it’s even 8:00) it just hits me and I have got to sleep. Sometimes it’s just a nap for an hour, other moons it’s 10-12 hours! What’s your take on this? I’m not an empath, but I am extremely sensitive and in tune to emotions and feelings, though not controlled by or sharing them … but I do feel, sense, and key in on them. Similar, yet different… What’re your thoughts on this/me? Many thanks! BB ~ Mada Liah

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