What’s Going To Happen On Your Path In August?

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August is coming very quickly and this handy guide can really change your path if you work with it. :)) This reading consist of 4 weeks of guidance, one card for each week giving you advice on what you need to look for and work with. We will also get a message from your guides on what you need to know for the month and find out what spirit animal you want to work with. This is a really simple but very powerful reading in that it can be a huge help in navigating your month.

Bonus! Book the reading with 2 extra oracle cards and I will add the best stone, flower and aromatherapy for you to work with in the month of August. That’s almost a $20.00 value added to your reading! 🙂

Book Now! – https://www.jasmeinemoonsongshop.com/listing/287915165/tarot-forecast

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