Samhain Spirits and the Gentleman Who Visited Me

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Samhain Spirits and the Gentleman Who Visited Me


Merry Meet :))))) As you know Samhain creates thinned veils and while I can pick up spirits all year it makes it that much easier for them to communicate with me right now.  I have one gentleman on the other side who has truly made my Samhain this year.  He actually moved me to tears tonight. :)))))

I don’t always bring through spirits, they come through when they wish which is why I don’t have any formal offerings for medium work.  When they do come through I do try to bring them through. :)))

I did a reading for a wonderful lady for the first time last week.  I’ll be honest I always get jittery when doing readings.  I’m not sure if that will ever go away.  I love what I do and I have a great respect for it. :))))  I always want to make sure I have things right for the people I read for because I think it’s really important.

So I started the reading and I immediately felt his presence standing with me.  I knew he was there and I reached out trying to get additional information.  Throughout the reading I had things coming through that I passed on.  I asked him for something specific and boy did he get specific. lol :)) I’ve never had something this specific come through before and it made me question sending it.  He told me specifically to look for the Halloween Oracle.  First of all I didn’t know there was a Halloween Oracle deck. :)) How cool! I now have it thanks to him and have been using it for your readings.  Here’s where the shocker came.  He showed me a card, a card in a deck that I had never seen.  I googled Owl, Halloween Oracle and the card above came up.  He was adamant that I put that card in because it was specific.  Without revealing too many personal details the wonderful woman’s husband crossed a year ago at dusk on Halloween and the owl was quite significant.

I about fell over…. that was really really specific.  I don’t think there will ever come a day that I don’t love validation.  It’s just one of those things with me.  :))) To me being able to pass messages is such a blessings and I thank my guides ever day for the chance to do so.

So I went back to my readings incorporating the Halloween Oracle that this gentleman introduced me to. :))) I had a reading in my list from another new client.  I felt that she had expectations… but I couldn’t figure why? It made me nervous! lol :))) Yes, I’m being totally honest lol  So I sat down to the reading and immediately I had a man sitting with me again. I could feel him.  He has a lovely energy by the way.  He was showing me all sorts of things this time and was very happy that I could receive them.  He even brought someone with him, a wonderful lady that wound up being this lady’s Mom. :)))) Amazing energy.

The man though! He had me so confused.  He was showing me rings and a heart… but I didn’t feel like he was the husband I was the person he was reading for.  He gave me all sorts of details and I just gave her everything that I was getting.  Are you ready for this?

It was the first woman’s sister. :)))) It was her husband again! :))) He’s amazing! :))) I thank both of you ladies for giving me the opportunity to work with the both of you and him. :)))) I actually had tears streaming down my face when I got validation from the sister. :))) It explained everything to me and as I’ve said I truly see this as a gift.  I am grateful for it every day and it baffles me every day lol  I remember watching Sylvia Brown and John Edwards when I was little wanting to do what they could do.  Of course you can’t go to school for that lol :)))   I am grateful I can pass the messages that I pass and I love working with all of you :))))) You have no idea how happy it makes me :))))))

I hope you enjoyed the story :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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